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Howard or Rudd?

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    What do you .au C9'ers out there think? Who will win?

    I think Rudd will. I don't like him, but then again, I don't like any politician Sad

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    Or is that Costello and Rudd?

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    Custa1200 wrote:
    Or is that Costello and Rudd?

    Despite what the polls are saying, I believe it could easily go either way right now.

    I don't like Rudd, but then I never much liked Howard either (although I agree with most of his policies). Since it looks like Costello's going to be taking over in a few years I'll vote that way.

    Just keeping my fingers crossed that Costello gets in and makes Tony Abbot his deputy, purely for the name gag.

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    Heh, that would be worth it.

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    I think Rudd will get it by default - that is, people will be voting against Howard, rather then for Rudd. I mean just look at the cry-baby whining - I never said it...

    Anyway, I hate politics - poly wanna cracker...

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    I think people are just sick of Howard.

    I want rudd to win... i'm willing to give them a chance, but if they screw up i'll be annoyed.

    I just hope something changes with the situation on broadband.

    I think rudd is going to implement a FTTN network, i can't believe that some of my friends are still on 56k!

    It's funny how howard's people forgot to take into consideration LOS when planning their wireless solution to the broadband problem.

    Also rudd better not mess with the ACCC, if it wasn't for the ACCC i'd still be on a 1500/256 ADSL conneciton.

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