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View Thread: So I gave Linux another go the weekend
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    creditcard wrote:

    The difference though is I took more effort to solve the problems I have. Your lucky you even had a video, let alone being able to plug in a second monitor. I've installed Linux on machines where X blew up on my face. I had X blow on my face *on* an installed system. But I never really said this crap sucks and went back to using Windows exclusively. I figured out what went wrong and I fixed it. Because for me this is a learning expirence and I don't have very much to learn using Windows.

    Now I can feel confident enough to go to job interview for "Windows Administrator", or "Linux Administrator". Or "J2EE Developer" or ".NET Developer".

    Really the less people that discover Linux the more I can use my expirence to my advantage. So I don't know if all this "Linux needs to overtake Windows" is such a good thing. In the world of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

    Yes we should all be lucky that we can do a basic function that computers have been doing for years Expressionless

    True, I just had a Dell GX270 die on me and the graphics were shot before it died and it was running Ubuntu, however when push comes to shove we use our computers to make our lives easier, otherwise I would drive to my bank and pull out money and drive to pay my bills...[C]

    Some people don't have time to mess with Linux and learn how to fix things, especially if it worked and then stopped for some reason.