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View Thread: So I gave Linux another go the weekend
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    What a waste of time, I gave up on Linux a while back when I tried a few different distros and none of them supported my built in wireless network card.

    Anyway I installed ubuntu on the same laptop at the weekend, yeah it all worked lovely I even managed to connect to my wireless network.

    Things were looking up for Linux on the desktop I thought until I connected my external 19" widescreen monitor.

    Do you think I could get the dam thing to support 1400x900 widescreen?

    I spent a couple of hours in the terminal window using vi to edit xorg.conf files and the like. I used the ncurses interface for setting up my devices I tried everything but couldn't get it to work.

    Yeah the linux guys might say I was too incompetant blah blah and I admit I'm no linux guru, but should it really be this hard to get an external monitor to work?  Even if I did get it to work, the extended desktop wouldnt have worked either so what was the point?

    A complete waste of time IMO and absolute years behind Windows and OS X.

    Sorry I needed a rant about it lol!