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View Thread: So I gave Linux another go the weekend
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    Rossj wrote:
    leeappdalecom wrote:
    I spent a couple of hours in the terminal window using vi to edit xorg.conf files and the like. I used the ncurses interface for setting up my devices I tried everything but couldn't get it to work.

    Don't mean to ask a stupid question, but I will - you did try the "Screen and Graphics" dialog first didn't you?

    Lol, that dialog is joke - for me it displays 85Hz framerate while it's obviously that X is generats 60Hz. Perplexed
    Probably they won't ever fix this issue because CRTs are getting out of fashion quickly and for LCDs it's relatively unimportant factor. 
    (I will replace my 19" CRT, but first I have to go over trauma of selecting right LCD panel - I had 22" widescreen but it had bad pixel -> grrrr..)