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Attention Deficit Disorder

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    Anyone here diagnosed when they were a kid and now is a genius programmer?


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    CompGuy101 wrote:
    SCMcDonnell wrote:

    Anyone here diagnosed when they were a kid and now is a genius programmer?


    I think everyone has this and I believe that it is not a disease.

    At school, I cannot pay attention for more than 5 mins.

    At home, when I'm on the computer, I can pay attention for 8 hours.

    I think you are sadly misinformed.

    While many people have trouble focusing (pet peeve - "Oh really? Yeah, I think I have that too") not all have the chemical imbalance associated with ADD/ADHD. They now do through tests (EEG's, neuro exams, blood work) to diagnose children instead of just noticing school prblems and giving them ritalin.

    If you really had the disorder and it went untreated, you would have had an extremely turbulent adolencence, most likely failed out of school, or worse be a criminal. You would now, as an adult, have serious anxiety issues which would develop, over time, into fibromyalgia. That is the natural progression of the disorder.

    I was diagnosed at 5 with ADHD, my parents are religious so they chose to take me out of school and homeschool me instead of getting me help. When I turned 18 I got help myself. I've had to deal with complications as an adult because of their choice, however, now at 26 I have a steady treatment plan that helps a lot, and I rfinally have my life back together after a lot of work. 

    Please, don't belittle something you know nothing about.  

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    SCMcDonnell wrote:
    Anyone here diagnosed when they were a kid and now is a genius programmer?

    For the record, self-diagnosies don't count, nor does anything made if you were under 8 at the time.

    //cynical Internet ivory-tower type.
    ///Scans of your doctor's notes or it didn't happen.
    ///ED pretty much sums it up anyway.

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    yes I did and am. The extent of my Genius is limited only by my ability to pay attention... go figure... currently working on writing a new version of .net to replace the bs version microsoft put out!

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    Yes, and like SaraJo, I'm on terrific meds -- they allow me to pay attention when I desire, not only when I'm compelled.

    For those who disdain pills for kids I say it isn't worth the denial => stop punishing your kids and forcing them to suffer repetitive and needless humiliations in academic life. Help them or let them twist in an unfriendly wind, parents. The days of stigma should be gone, imho.

    I'm an ENFP to boot, which may be another commonality for ADHD programmer types.

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