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    I imagine there are plenty of C9 musicians out there.  I'm trying to get started with recording a little of my own guitar + piano music.  Since I'm nearly broke, it's not realistic for me to try to get a "proper" setup.  With about $100, what would be the best use of my money?

    I'm considering one or a combination of the following:
    - A 1/8" mic that's better than the $10 one currently on my desk.  I've heard that some of the mics used on camcorders do a decent job.
    - A USB or Firewire audio interface (might be beyond my budget)
    - A USB Microphone (getting more popular for podcasts it seems)

    I'll probably use Acid Music Studio since I've had good experiences with that line of products in the past.  I'm not counting that in my $100 budget.

    Any advice to share?  Hope I'm not the only C9 musician.