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IE Team Interview?

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    more talk on the subject over at sitepoint (biggest web developer site)

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    creditcard wrote:
    Bas wrote:
    creditcard wrote:
    No problem. The amazing ability to write Windows applications without the need for a web browser has been part of the Windows SDK since Windows 1.0. Kind of like XMLHttpRequest which is like 10 years old, maybe one day this amazing and unheard of ability of creating applications which do not need a web browser will one day be utilized.

    You don't seem to understand what web applications are, do you?

    Right back at you.

    Stop being an idiot. Your answer clearly shows that you completely misunderstood the point, so just own up to it and be an adult, for a change.

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    I see that Opera has it's neck in a knot about IE and is revisiting the old  "awww.. Mom... it's not FAIR... make them unbundle IE !!"  argument again... this time with the EU.

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    From the IEBlog:

    IEBlog wrote:
    For IE8, we want to communicate facts, not aspirations. We’re posting this information now because we have real working code checked in and we’re confident about delivering it in the final product. We’re listening to the feedback about IE, and at the same time, we are committed to responsible disclosure and setting expectations properly. Now that we’ve run the test on multiple machines and seen it work, we’re excited to be able to share definitive information.


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