evildictaitor wrote:

ScanIAm wrote:

There's no proof of what happened on either side, but that isn't the point (and you know it).

I didn't say there was proof. I said that it was given under oath in court (under penalty of purgery) and I also mentioned that he allegedly said ...

ScanIAm wrote:

It's like calling MSFT 'tha borg'.  It just isn't terribly clever or funny anymore.

If I say that you said Microsoft are "teh borg" on Tuesday at 8, then I might merely be a liar.

If I say in court that you said Microsoft are "teh borg", and you show the court that on Tuesday at 8 you were, in fact, not saying Microsoft were "teh borg" because you were live on TV at the time, then I would be a purgorer, and would go to prison for a long long time.

People might lie in court, but they're more careful about it, because the penalties for being caught-out are much stricter.

Lovely.  I used the wrong word.

It still wasn't f*cking funny.