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    jamie wrote:


    - The big back button - and small forward - shows only if needed
      Committee:  Put both on screen - at all times - at same size

    - The invisible address bar - helps get rid of rectangle/bar overload
      Committee: Make it visible at all times - even if it make IE look like 12 bars in a row

    - The redish - expandable top options bar
       Committee: Make them unexpandable, make them all puke green, make the selected preview pic un-3d and flat, add yet another bar at the bottom

    - Top right preview icons (either open apps, or related - not sure - looked cool though. Also the top menu bar is all one piece
      Committee: make the top bar the same as xp - but make it go black if mazimized, remove the cool graphical icons - add more text to UI

    - Show albums as album covers
      Commitee: Put album covers coming out of folders so you can only see half the cover

    - Startbar -  it is kind of wacky - but the concept was there: Use a full width panel - not a little flyout / integrate sidebar - make ONE metaphor for controling win UI not 2
     - Committee: put it back like XP, remove all the icons, make text small, remove user name, remove all references to MY computer (as it is now ms's computer


    This looks more like a Windows Media Player concept than Explorer.  I don't see Folders for icons in my WMP or Zune software..