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    BlackTiger wrote:
    BruceMorgan wrote:
    ...But the reality is, Vista is easily the highest quality user experience of Windows ever shipped. ...

    WHICH ONE REALITY?!?!? MS marketing reality? Vista'a UX is just a DISASTER! "Windows Explorer" never had so many bugs and glitches before. Crashes, amnesias and randomizations in folder views, unhandled exceptions (aka "COM Surrogate stopped working", craches during new "folder view" application), lost functions and buttons in toolbar (mysterious disappearance of "New Folder", removed "Copy to"/"Move to" actions, etc). Some new definition of "highest quality"...

    Thats also my point: the quality of Vista's ui is really bad especially compared with these Longhorn concepts. Just think about it: they created hundreds of detailed icons and design elements for the concepts but in the final product there are so many legacy icons and unfinished elements, glitches and so on... but the concept we have in Vista is superior IMO