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View Thread: Bill Gates talks about C9
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    Was just reading this interview Bill Gates did with

    This part was in relation to transparency and Microsoft:

    Bill Gates wrote:
    Now, there are people who deserve credit, like coming up with Channel 9, which in retrospect is an obvious thing of, okay, you have somebody with a random camera go around, film the person, put it up on the Web, and that's a neat thing that got a certain critical mass and a certain kind of cache to allow us to connect our developers down in the trenches with people who care about their work, and cut out all the stuff in the middle that tends to be so headline oriented and so narrowing the message about how this person is making tradeoffs of how they want to improve the product, you know, not get that feedback, not share, hey, you think we blew it, well, we're sorry, here's why we made that mistake, here's how we're going to make it better, really see the human at the other side of that interaction. But I think the desire, at least relative to our business model, has always been there.

    Link to interview (Word Document)