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    Ray6 wrote:
    This is the OS that just refuses to die. I'd love to get hold of a system for a few hours, and see why the user base is so attached to it.

    ArsTechnica is reporting on the movement keep the platform moving forward, even while its major players seem intent on destroying it, and themselves in court.

    well some parts of the story go back to the guys who built the Amiga
    before Commodore bought it.
    one of the guys designed several custom chips that made a lof it work. he was also one of the guys who designed a bunch of the atari game machine chips and the first pacemaker chips.

    and the Amiga OS when it first came out was like a mix of the best of the Mac, UNIX and DOS....

    also they had a neat way of dealing with DLL's which on the amiga were .Library files.. no re-basing an amiga dll when it loaded casue it had no absoulte addresses, everything was relative to the load point.

    and the only fixed address your app ever had was 4

    and that was the pointer to base of the address table of loadlibrary()

    also they designed the hardware and OS to multi-process from day one.
    the AMiga hardware could have a card installed that was a complete x86 system.
    so it culd run DOS / WIndows async and share keybaord,mouse,video and other hardware.

    and look up the history of the NewTek Video Toaster.

    just a few of the things ... that made it a sweet system.