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View Thread: Microsoft feeling the heat from flash Linux?
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    cheong wrote:
    Honestly speaking I really don't care how is the desktop shares.

    It troubles me when thinking of the distros which trade-off security for user-friendliness. Setting default user in sudoers and enable them to run everything as root without typing password sound just like a pending disaster for me... And I feel disappointed to see so many distros stopped to trying to get SELinux worked and disabled it by default instead... Why couldn't they just spend some time to design some standard procedures to "tune" it? (Even enable protection for "targeted" daemons only is better than completely disable it)

    I'd rather keep it in hands of true professionals only than seeing how it's trend proceeds today.

    Things are getting better in that respect. Ubuntu now has AppArmor and Fedora 8 introduces even more security improvements.