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View Thread: How not to do an update - 3VE-Online hoses many, many XP installs
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    I actually tried last night to download this enhancement, but I didn't have a lot of time, so I skipped it till lunch today.

    Now, I find out that it was a good thing I did.  I'd put in 2 new video cards, and if I hadn't seen this first, I would have thought that I'd blown the system up:

    The new release seems to have gone well, and anyone who just did the standard install would be fine.  The problem comes if/when the Eve client figures out that your machine can handle the new models and skins...they offer it to you from a few different places, but most notably, from the actual logon sceen Sad

    The bug overwrites the c:\boot.ini file and once you reboot, you are hosed.  If you've got 2 machines, you might be able to use the second to look for the thread and the fix, but some folks only have 1 machine.  And others don't have a bootable XP cd Sad

    Who the heck uses boot.ini as a game file, anyway?

    CCP made a great game in spite of the idiots they have working for them.