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    Dodo wrote:
    ScanIAm wrote:
    Why care if you can trust them or not? 

    Maybe, they just know you, because you're wealthy and want to have some...
    ScanIAm wrote:

    If you're rich, you can buy new friends! 

    Those friends won't make you happy...
    ScanIAm wrote:
    If you're really, rich, you can buy your friends' familes.

    Kinda invasive of their privacy, they won't like it... and not everyone wants money...
    ScanIAm wrote:
    The whole purpose of getting rich is to control the people around you 
    No, getting rich means being successful in making money. Controlling others counts as some kind of majestic force...

    Maybe that's the way you'd think, but consider you really were rich, it'd be nothing special for you to be rich, so, you wont be as exited about it as you probably are now.

    Anyway, if you like a person, you won't care about that very persons objectives anymore, I think you'd be fine with that as you probably could efford it. There's neither wrong nor right, and the fact of others being envious of you because of money will always be given if you're rich, as we live in a world full of materialism...

    I was being sarcastic, kinda.  If you are wealthy enough that you've got someone who is willing to act like your friend, and from your point of view, their act is complete, then how do you know it's an act? 

    Some people overestimate the value of having other people around them.  Some people need an audience or a posse or a crew, but those people are sad, rich or poor. 

    If the rich man and the girl benefit from the relationship, then who cares if it's not legitimate?  In some ways, the whole 'family is the best thing in the world' ideal doesn't work for people.  Otherwise, why do we have hookers?