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View Thread: Why doesn't Microsoft buy SCO?
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    Shining Arcanine wrote:
    staceyw wrote:
    Shining Arcanine wrote:

    By the way, since Novell owns Unix and SCO distributes it, why does not Microsoft buy both SCO and Novell, so it can own Unix?

    Why would they?  IIRC they owed part of it already and sold it in 2000 (gave it back).  They would never make there money back.  Moreover, it gets them no farther down the road with their os.  Doesn't IBM offer a student version of AIX? 

    What if Google was to buy SCO and Novell to get Unix?

    great, let them have it.

    really I think you are missing a few things like:

    if MSFT started buying *ANY* compmany that made *ANY* OS then someone somewhere would cry foul and start a legal action.

    why?  recall the legal past, they would accuse MSFT of trying to lock out other OS's and of tyring to create a monopoly etc....

    that alone would stop MSFT from the kind of move you are talking about.

    a very very very big risk with a huge cost and for what?

    let UNIX and Linux stand as they are.  they can rise or fall on thier own merits.

    as for cost: as posted Linux is for all intent UNIX with a new name and an open source.

    and yes you can dual boot between Linux and Windows.

    as for the distros that do not play well with VPC I say thats a bloody mess....

    the Linux guys are fools for not making thier distros "just work" with VPC -- having it not work due to some kind of "moral high ground" or whatever only hurts them.  makes it harder to try out the OS and intimidates the new user who is not an uber-geek.

    MSFT has left VPC with that old s3 video emulation for *WAY* to long....  several folks (me included) tryied to tell MSFT with postings on connect that they need to change that... and they did not seem to want to hear that....

    HEY MICROSOFT:  next version of VPC should allow the user to select from a small list of video card emulations, like say S3, one or two ATI cards and one or two NVIDIA cards.
    perhaps an API for adding other video emulations also ??
    and more support for USB ports!