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Giving up on Vista

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    Here is an example...

    I recieve my xps after 3 weeks hard wait.
    I format the drive to get rid of all that nik-nak.
    I do a complete fresh install of Vista Ultimate.
    I install SQL Server.
    I install Visual Studio.

    I start to test my machine;

    it stops after returning 9 rows when there are hundreds of thousands and disconnects, when suddenly

    Now my frustration... I would kill to use vista, but as a dba I have to work and from the pics you can see I had little choice.

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    Sven Groot

    My desktop (where I did the FSX test) has an ATI card so the drivers might be better. Also FSX is CPU bound.

    On the XPS I did not do a clean install. I just uninstalled all the junk. And installed the English language pack as it's a Japanese version of Vista. I also stick to Dell's drivers; I don't use it for games so the ability to resume from sleep reliably is more important to me than using the latest nVidia driver.

    As for Management Studio... did you install SQL Server SP2? I run Management Studio on Vista too without any issues.

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