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View Thread: What do you hate the most about software development?
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    I tend to agree with Brian, but I would go so far as to say I hate web technologies in general. I'm not fussy, they all suck. Scripted Languages particularly. Anyone who says they are more productive with a scripting language has never debugged an application in their life. Actually it's sad to say but in some ways VB6 was the most productive language I ever worked on, mainly because edit and continue was so snappy, you could iterate again and again with fixes and test and re-test without ever stopping your application.
    I'm a hard-core C# programmer now and I do love it, but there are times when I realise just how much time I'm wasting, waiting for my computer to stop an application and/or re-compile. You'd think then that a Scripting language would be my bread and butter, but I can't live without debugging, strong type checking, intellisense, etc.

    (oh and it's sometimes handy to be able to write a file to disk, which Javascript just can't do for me)