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View Thread: ZAM 3D v1.0 Released for creating 3D XAML for WPF apps
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    Thanks for taking the trouble to post this information Mike - very useful!

    Just discovered (via your forums) the excellent "beta" tutorials for Zam 3D at as part of the ExpressTrain video series. This is good stuff for 3D novices like me, especially since there seems to be so little information on Electric Rain's own site, and a very nice example of a good WPF application with "Click Once" deployment. 

    This looks like an essential resource for anybody working with the Expression/Electric Rain products although of course a lot depends on what the final subscription model turns out to be once it's out of beta.

    I'm going to have a play with the trial version of Swift 3D before ordering ZAM 3D since it seems to offer an additional discount on ZAM 3D if ordered beforehand.  What are the plans for getting a trial version of ZAM 3D and Electric Rain's own tutorials up and running?