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View Thread: Swift 3D v5.0 exports Silverlight XAML
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    Been wondering what the difference between SWIFT and ZAM 3D was - my very crude reading of the web site had lead me to believe that SWIFT was primarily aimed at Flash developers and ZAM 3D for Blend but it now seems like you're saying use SWIFT for Silverlight and ZAM 3D for Expression Blend/WPF (or is that too simplistic a summary?).

    Doesn't Blend allow you to export Silverlight XAML? If that's the case why would SWIFT be needed in addition to ZAM 3D when you could just export ZAM 3D to Blend and from there export to Silverlight XAML?

    I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the recently posted (earlier today) koolaid C9 video on MIX08 where we're told things are so much easier now that Visual Studio 2008 is out, and I'm afraid I've gone and had a bit of a rant in response because the whole situation is madness: Let me see now... you need four Expression products and VS 2008 to get the best out of web site development with XAML and this apparently is simpler. Oh, but if you want 3D you need to buy third party products like those from Electric Rain - and ideally one for Silverlight, one for full WPF?  How is this in any shape, size or fashion making life "much simpler" for developers (don't even get me started on bringing AJAX into the equation). Clearly Microsoft folks are on a different planet from the one I'm inhabiting! Just trying to get anyone to explain the differences between all these products, why they're needed and how they fit into workflow at the most basic level is like trying to catch moonlight in a bucket!

    ZAM 3D is a nice product and with the discounts on offer if ordered before the end of the year I'm tempted to go for it, but if I then have to buy another product for Silverlight it's all getting way too messy (and way too expensive) too fast.