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    brian.shapiro wrote:
    the point of wpf in some sense is to supercede windows forms though. it still has common controls, its just that its control rendering is a lot more flexible and easily changeable, and its not all about eye candy. in wpf, if you want a dropdown list with checkboxes, in a few lines, you can have it done. this stuff in windows forms is exceedingly more complicated. plus, it allows things like resolution independence and more advanced typography. so, wpf isnt really about 3d animations and glitzy surfaces, though it can do that. applications will just be better when people move to wpf

    Since Windows introduction, I've seen many alternative controls and control rendering methods. However, after all these years, 99% of applications are still using (or subclassing) the standard common controls.

    Although I do like some WPF features (e.g. resolution independence), I'm not going to invest any time yet. When Microsoft release (if ever) an operating system fully depended on WPF or managed code, then I'll consider migrating. Until then I prefer the performance and compatibility of the old API and controls.