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    theshadguy wrote:
    Okay, I've been polling people recently about this and I figured C9 would be a good spot to get some feedback...

    Okay, so everyone here probably has their favorite operating system. I’d say that’s a given. Mine is Mac OS X. I know some of you love Linux, and there's obviously lots of you here on Windows. So my first question is Why do you love your choice so much? What makes it so much better than MY choice or someone else’s choice? Why won’t you use anything else? Is it cost, or support, or morals or more obviously form and functionality?

    And my second question would be what would it take for you to drop your current choice for something else? What features in an operating system could possibly make you want it so bad that you’d switch and never come back?

    I started on a PC.  Why switch.  My needs are met and there's not a single compelling reason to bother.  In terms of concerns in my day to day, an operating system is practically non-existant.  I find that if people have "favourites" its usually because they don't have much else to do but latch on to something and desperatly try to convince themselves that they're part of a movement or something.