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Suggestion for 9: different video download link MIME type

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    Drew Noakes

    A suggestion for the site.  When downloading a video, the server should return a MIME type of application/octet-stream so that the browser tries to save the file by default, rather than simply launching the appropriate player.  This would be a simple change and could save users confusion, frustration and bandwidth Smiley

    Love the site and this is the only constructive feedback I can give beyond praise.  Keep the great content coming.

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    You should post this here (Beta Feedback) to allow them to integrate this in the next version.

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    When the file opens in WMP when you click "download" it is downloaded and saved to disk entirely (then you get to decide if you want to save it after it has opened in WMP for preview).

    The only "fixes" I see here are

    a) make IE ask whether you want to save it in IE or let WMP manage the download. And that's really quite redundant since you can already do the decision by right clicking and selecting save as. 

    Interestingly there's this "automatic prompting for file download" setting in IE that does *something else* than what it says it does. According to Microsoft docs it prevents click once apps from starting. One might think it also applies to WMP but for WMP and Acrobat Reader this setting seems to be irrelevant.

    b) have WMP give a visual cue that you can save the video.

    -- user side

    c) you can break the feature (forcing you to download always) by installing some 3rd party media player or browser that can take over those associations. Don't like mp3's playing instantly? Install Winamp and they won't etc. Mad

    btw. Install winamp and add the WMV association from its preferences and your "problem" goes away as you can't play the files anymore until they've fully downloaded. (except manually by opening the player first and then copy pasting the url and blah blah, 10x the effort)

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    Sven Groot

    I think using Content-Disposition: attachment would force IE to give you a save dialog and not open in WMP.

    That said, I do use the download link to play directly in WMP since it's higher quality than the streaming version, so I'd rather they'd not do this.

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