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View Thread: What was the last fun, free thing you downloaded from MS?
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    corona_coder wrote:
    Since Microsoft doesnt release GPL software, I havent downloaded anything from Microsoft.  Qaulity is poor and the Open Source community releases better and more fun software then Microsoft could ever hope for.  Microsoft is on its way out.  Apple just crucified them and cut their throats  with MacWorld '08.  Ubuntu is taking over PC operating systems.  Microsoft doesnt have a hope nor a prayer the game is over Microsoft.  Dont go away angry. just go away.  Let the pofessionals handle it.  Microsoft isnt the 500 ib gorilla anymore, its that beat-up, whipped dog that cowers in the corner.

    When you can deliver a quality product that actually beats anything the OSS community or Apple can offer.  Do let me know.  I wont hold my breath because I know you can't and you never will.