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View Thread: Anybody have "Switcher" Moments?
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    ManipUni wrote:
    Perhaps you should switch.

    I mean a truly intuitive and consistent UI with a great set of applications and services? What more could you want? not spend ridiculous amounts of money for shiny toys Smiley $1,700 for the Air - you gotsa be kiddin' meh Smiley

    "Yes, that's right folks. We've used less hardware, gave you less screen, and at a higher price! Want to run a CD? Buy our external CD drive for even more money! Want to attach more than one USB device? Buy one of our iHubs for even more money! Tired of pressing the right arrow button on your PC to view the next picture? Well now you can place three fingers on a touch pad and drag them all to the left. Sure, it requires more effort and energy, and is slower, but it's easier!"

    Meh, it's all superficially sexy - but after a while, I think "Wow, what a ripoff" Smiley