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    Dr Herbie wrote:
    Sounds like a bumptious prat. CCing your PM was a ridiculous thing to do. He's probably a failed developer.  Have you talked to your PM about this?

    What do your company processes say anout Unit Tests?


    Thanks for the feedback.  I've also worked on software for clinical trials and much more stringent testing and QA processes and in fact I am the guy that brought unit testing in-house at my last employer.  Anyways, the company processes don't say squat about unit tests.  They sent me a template, but it had nothing filled in, so I asked for clarification on the level of detail, and content.  I searched for other examples across all the documentation currently available, and there's nothing except a "summary" document from another dev who wrote each .dll name and stored proc, with "As Designed" next to Result of test, and the fact that he tested it.  I wasn't sure if that's what they wanted, and for the life of me can't imagine what use the doc is but to waste a developers time.

    I haven't talked to my PM but did CC him my reply, which stated, "Your definition of unit tests is completely different ... I've done plenty of unit testing but have never had to document them ..." and attached a link to Wikipedia on unit testing.