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View Thread: VS2008 Launch UK : registration open
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    W3bbo wrote:

    Yeahyeah, but I'm still there for VS08, and the chance to berate someone over the "Vista-menus-on-XP" issue.

    Yeah, yeah, but the event ISN'T all about you! Tongue Out

    W3bbo wrote:

    No different than last time, there wasn't a Manchester one in 2005.

    My bad, but the point still stands. 2005 launch took place in at least 3 places as I recall (was the other one Scotland perhaps?) whereas this time it's just one -> reduced costs = budget reduction.

    Truth is what do Microsoft lose by giving away VS2008? A few MSDN subscriptions maybe? Most people who go for the freebie wouldn't have been prepared to pay for it anyway. Those who rely on it for their job will either have got their company to buy it for them or purchased their own copy by then anyway.