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View Thread: VS2008 Launch UK : registration open
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    irascian wrote:
    W3bbo wrote:
     it wouldn't surprise me if Microsoft toned down the budget for VS08. It's not as though it's as "revolutionary".

    ....we still get free copies of VS08 Pro, right?

    It's NOT just about VS08 (in fact I suspect that may get least prominence) - Win Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 are the highlight items.

    Yeahyeah, but I'm still there for VS08, and the chance to berate someone over the "Vista-menus-on-XP" issue.

    irascian wrote:
    And since they're only holding the event in Birmingham, with no London or Manchester launch, I think that's the budget slashed right there!

    No different than last time, there wasn't a Manchester one in 2005.