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View Thread: VS2008 Launch UK : registration open
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    blowdart wrote:
    There will be virtual labs to play with as well.

    Some of which I may be running *grin*

    Why don't you use a spelling checker? There's only one 'n' (and an 'i') in "ruining" [6]

    Sounds like maybe the virtual labs area might be a good place for 9ers to maybe try and meet up (assuming nobody here knows the layout of the venue or a good meeting place ahead of the event itself).

    Given the difficulties we've had in the past with people failing to meet up at much smaller events like DDD I would suggest posting a time (or even several times) and place here BEFORE the event if people want to meet up.

    It's not finalised yet but looking like I'm going to be pretty tied up most of the day as a "roaming" cameraman (one of four cameraman covering things) for the event, so can't make any guarantees I will be able to meet up but if you know a time/place ahead of time it would be cool to get some 'on camera' reactions of 9ers to the day. If most are staying on for the drinks in the evening that would probably be the best time for me.