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View Thread: AOL adopting XMPP aka Jabber
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    Dodo wrote:
    Tom Servo wrote:
    I've read somewhere else that MSN is looking for a way to let Messenger users talk to people on GTalk, ICQ and AIM. Since GTalk is Jabber and the other two will also be, I sure hope that MSN will be reachable via Jabber at some point, so I can ditch the MSN protocol for good.
    There's MSN and AIM API out there, you could use to code your own messenger (none of the thirdparty messengers really use it... to restrictive... ignoring their ToS).

    Actually AIM uses the AIM API's that they release publically as well....and multiheaded clients are a violation of the AIM API ToS if I remember correctly. Which considering AOLs departure from the's a good chance if it showed up as decent usage on the API server it'll get killed by AOLs 1000 person legal team.