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    Uhh, leave it to them I think.. you know Microsoft has had some jip in the past about its design skills but.. yea.. not so easy is it..

    If Seven is going in the same direction as XP to Vista did then I'll be happy..

    The OS feel to me needs to be clean and like the OS has got things in control.. to me that's serious but not 'sgt major'.

    As for some critic, the startup screen resolution is far too high, I wouldn't expect 7 to introduce a high resolution boot option, Vista has yet to really take off on using EFI in the house hold..

    The scale of the startup screen is a bit 'teletubbies' and the kerning is extremely loose and the font is pretty ack, (see the W and it's pointy ascenders and descenders)..

    The desktop is unreasonable and pointless sparse, the words Exit and View don't really fit what I'm guessing their roles are.. start doesn't really make much sense either.. overall it leaves me a bit confused..

    The exit popup is needlessly huge, for some reason tells me AGAIN who I'm logged in as. Also, not sure why the username is in a textbox looking thing, Log out is also very hyperlink looking compared to any other buttons, not sure where there should be an X on there..

    The view menu, not sure why the weather details are associated with the users profile (picture and name), because weather would be more related to the computers location.. not sure about system configuration details being listed so close to common operations.. also, as these operations increase, and sizes of resolutions change, it would become increasing difficult to support a horizontally specific window.. Not sure why the copyright is reitterated there..

    Flip3D 2.0 looks around about as useless as Flip3D now.. I loved the concept but I've never actually used it, and in Vista I use alt-tab a lot less often anyway.. I think the taskbar navigation is much more obvious most of the time..

    Browser is.. erm, somewhat unfinished, users would .. struggle Wink.

    Jpeg icon sample is well.. pretty standard, but it shows the extension by default and the font size is a bit on the large side..

    I like the idea of a much slim lined photoviewer (see how the zune player shows videos and pictures), the ui should be dockable but maybe appear over the top by default.. but this is arguable, perhaps the preview handler framework in vista could be more utilized like how leopard is, and media previews could open in a slim lined version as just suggested..