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    stevo_ wrote:

    As for some critic, the startup screen resolution is far too high, I wouldn't expect 7 to introduce a high resolution boot option, Vista has yet to really take off on using EFI in the house hold..

    macs have had nice boot screens for years...

    The scale of the startup screen is a bit 'teletubbies' and the kerning is extremely loose and the font is pretty ack, (see the W and it's pointy ascenders and descenders)..

    ya its too big - pretend thats 640 size

    The desktop is unreasonable and pointless sparse,

    disagree - its just a bg pic - but with no "bar" 

    the words Exit and View don't really fit what I'm guessing their roles are.. start doesn't really make much sense either.. overall it leaves me a bit confused..

    view = everything     search = bypass that   exit =  ..uh... exit

    The exit popup is needlessly huge,
    ignore fatness...  mainly showing Shutdown/ restart / Sleep

    for some reason tells me AGAIN who I'm logged in as.

    in vista shutdown menu there are tons of switch / log options. this one treats it like facebook

    Also, not sure why the username is in a textbox looking thing,

    so you could type - steveo_  / enter -   and be logged in instantly

    The view menu, not sure why the weather details are associated with the users profile (picture and name), because weather would be more related to the computers location..

    it goes by profile info - if your from toronto it defaults to toronto

    not sure about system configuration details being listed so close to common operations.. also, as these operations increase, and sizes of resolutions change, it would become increasing difficult to support a horizontally specific window..

    perfect world the whole thing would scale (like vista was suppose too)

    Flip3D 2.0 looks around about as useless as Flip3D now.. I loved the concept but I've never actually used it, and in Vista I use alt-tab a lot less often anyway.. I think the taskbar navigation is much more obvious most of the time..

    at least you can see more at once in a circle

    Browser is.. erm, somewhat unfinished, users would .. struggle .

    that was not a design - just showing if you typed in search bar - ie opens