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    jamie wrote:
    stevo_ wrote:

    As for some critic, the startup screen resolution is far too high, I wouldn't expect 7 to introduce a high resolution boot option, Vista has yet to really take off on using EFI in the house hold..

    macs have had nice boot screens for years...

    macs have had critical control of their target hardware for years, windows uses the bios, and it will continue to be the bigger in the PC market for maybe 5 more years

    The desktop is unreasonable and pointless sparse,

    disagree - its just a bg pic - but with no "bar" 

    let me explain, windows today has, a task list of applications, a notification area for a user to interact and get feedback from background apps, theres a quick launch bar.. while the quicklaunch bar could go, the task list and notification area won't just disappear in windows

    the words Exit and View don't really fit what I'm guessing their roles are.. start doesn't really make much sense either.. overall it leaves me a bit confused..

    view = everything     search = bypass that   exit =  ..uh... exit

    my point was the wording doesn't make sense.. I don't 'exit' my computer, view doesn't describe me changing a system setting (didn't they dump the word 'start' because it was confusing to say 'start - shutdown')

    for some reason tells me AGAIN who I'm logged in as.

    in vista shutdown menu there are tons of switch / log options. this one treats it like facebook

    never used facebook, not sure what it has to do with the desktop, so I don't see why the reinforcement is there

    Also, not sure why the username is in a textbox looking thing,

    so you could type - steveo_  / enter -   and be logged in instantly

    thats highly unlikely given it's highly likely the user would need to supply a password, where do I supply the password?

    The view menu, not sure why the weather details are associated with the users profile (picture and name), because weather would be more related to the computers location..

    it goes by profile info - if your from toronto it defaults to toronto

    well im from x, but I work in y, weather information like that is arguably useless anyway, yea - maybe user a wants their home town weather, maybe user b wants the weather in the town their working, maybe they want it for someone else.. in Vista the weather gadget is seperated away from an OS level ui item, I just think it adds clutter to a panel where its task is to help you find an app, doc or change some settings

    not sure about system configuration details being listed so close to common operations.. also, as these operations increase, and sizes of resolutions change, it would become increasing difficult to support a horizontally specific window..

    perfect world the whole thing would scale (like vista was suppose too)

    scaling doesn't work well for resolution changes, spanning out horizontally is asking for trouble given our writing style goes horizontally, main point however was that the system configuration options don't make sense to be listed there