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    Duncanma wrote:
    evildictaitor wrote:
    Make the link a normal link, but add an onclick event. In the onclick event test if the left mouse button was clicked. If so, fire the ajax request and cancel the event bubble from moving the location elsewhere. If any button other than the left button was pressed, do nothing.

    This means that a left click ajax-gets the page, and a middle and right click does the default, i.e. brings up the "Right click-link" menu, or open in a new tab respectively.

    Thanks! That is an interesting approach... I'll see what I can do.

    As far as the existing C9, I'll take a look at the code for the pager and see what is possible. As other people have mentioned, there isn't really any need to have paging done via javascript since it ends up being a full page load anyways.

    I'm the only guy on the team who does any work with the current C9 code base though, so I'm the bottleneck for any changes to this site.

    Oh, and just so no one thinks I've stopped responding out of lack of interest, I'm heading out to the grocery store with my daughter ... so I won't be participating in this thread for at least the next few hours and possibly won't get back to it until later in the evening.

    Yeah I know how the "One Coder" on something works...

    as for the "Addvert" yeah MSFT gets stuck with ither "too much" or "too little" so to speak.

    One camp wants SIlverlight everywhere all the time and gets in a tizzy if it's not.
    the other camp does the inverse....
    MSFT & Co trying to keep both semi-happy... Perplexed