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    evildictaitor wrote:
    W3bbo wrote:
    The C9 guys have stated, repeatedly, in messenger conversations with me, that client scripting is a requirement for visitors since they cannot cost-justify development of a non-scripted version.

    A requirement for the videos and forum editing, maybe, but for getting to a specific page in a multipage thread? No. I like being able to open a page in tabs, and their abuse of __doPostBack breaks it for me.

    And the worst part? They already have the mechnism to get rid of it.

    Inside a multipage thread (e.g. this one) the code to move the page 2 is javascript:__doPostBack('template$_ctl0$PostThroneView$_ctl0$Pager1$2','').

    But from the main forum thread page, it's the non-javascripted:

    (Note the PageIndex=2).

    Now if they can't cost-justify replacing that because of the huge cost of rebuilding the backend, then frankly my view of their competence is somewhat reduced.

    In this incarnation, it's brought about by the monolithic codebase of Community Server and their control library, they're bad at this sort of thing.

    It would take too long to replace or redevelop it in a way Microsoft would approve of. So just keep quiet and wait for C9v4 before complaining.