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    CannotResolveSymbol wrote:
    On topic, I'd be wary of hacking into C9, even if the developers said you could.  You have no assurance from OrcsWeb that they wouldn't pursue legal action against you (and I don't know if Erik's word is good enough to protect you, with OrcsWeb being a separate company and all).

    I know, that's why I have zero intention of proceeding.

    That said, I did test out my planned approach on my own dedicated servers, and it worked. (btw, it was a technical approach, not social-engineering or anything) but since it relied on the way the company operates, it might not work with OrcsWeb, so it would be a lost $500, hence me not willing to put my money on the line Wink

    Still, if/when I get my arse in through the door at MS(R) I'll get into it through the official channels, without actually telling Erik I'm an employee Wink