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    CompGuy101 wrote:
    [quote user="W3bbo"][quote user="evildictaitor"]W3bbo wrote:In this incarnation, it's brought about by the monolithic codebase of Community Server and their control library, they're bad at this sort of thing.It would take too long to replace or redevelop it in a way Microsoft would approve of. So just keep quiet and wait for C9v4 before complaining.Right. That's scheduled here to happen after they invent the pig-jet pack, global cooling hits all of hell and the second, third and fourth coming of Christ.How long have we been waiting for C9 v4 now? Why can't they just fix this one?[ /quote]A while ago, HumanCompiler posed a challenge to me: that if I was able to hack into the C9 servers, Microsoft would take what I had to say seriously (or words to the effect of). (yes, I have the chatlogs to prove it).Ladies and Gentlemen, I have hatched a plot to root the C9 web farm servers. However I'll need $500, a Skype account, and 8-10 business days./seriously//yarly[ /quote] $500 for what? Perhaps we should donate if you really need the money. Wouldnt you be hacking into orcasweb or whatever instead of microsoft?

    If you're on Safari, enable the Debug menu and change your User Agent to Firefox 2...  the rich text editor will work right then.

    If you're on Opera, you're just screwed.

    On topic, I'd be wary of hacking into C9, even if the developers said you could.  You have no assurance from OrcsWeb that they wouldn't pursue legal action against you (and I don't know if Erik's word is good enough to protect you, with OrcsWeb being a separate company and all).