W3bbo wrote:

The C9 guys have stated, repeatedly, in messenger conversations with me, that client scripting is a requirement for visitors since they cannot cost-justify development of a non-scripted version.

A requirement for the videos and forum editing, maybe, but for getting to a specific page in a multipage thread? No. I like being able to open a page in tabs, and their abuse of __doPostBack breaks it for me.

And the worst part? They already have the mechnism to get rid of it.

Inside a multipage thread (e.g. this one) the code to move the page 2 is javascript:__doPostBack('template$_ctl0$PostThroneView$_ctl0$Pager1$2','').

But from the main forum thread page, it's the non-javascripted:


(Note the PageIndex=2).

Now if they can't cost-justify replacing that because of the huge cost of rebuilding the backend, then frankly my view of their competence is somewhat reduced.