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View Thread: Infoworld launches 'Save XP' website
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    evildictaitor wrote:
    Seriously, what the hell!? I didn't know Microsoft were doing that - I've been sitting here with all my potential movie-buying goodness, and Microsoft has been letting all of that potential profit disappear to their competition.

    Well frikken done MS Marketing.

    Here's the irony.

    Years ago, a geek friend and me used to argue about what had caused Microsoft's rise to the top of the industry.

    He reckoned that it was illegal practices. I disagreed; the illegal stuff really came later on and helped to keep them their position; what got them there in the first place, was some clever deals and the incredible ineptitude of the competition:

    IBM did not have a clue how to sell OS/2 to the masses
    Apple blew billions (with IBM's help) trying to build a replacement for the old MacOS, but not before Steve Jobs had squandered his chance of global domination by producing over-priced, poorly specced, proprietary machines.

    The problem was complacency and incompetence, and a few years down the line, the same friend of mine understands EXACTLY what I was trying to say back then, because he's now seeing the same problems with Microsoft.

    Even when Joe Wilcox put up his original article complaining that MS had dropped the ball by not getting download files onto Fox DVDs, no-one in MS marketing picked it up.

    In case there is someone alive in Microsoft marketing, this is what the Fox  DVD media manager looks like:

    If Sean Alexander knew about this, why the hell didn't you?

    .... AAnnnnnnndddddd relax .....