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And a notepad with multiple undos That would be nice... could be part of the standard text box - i wonder how much more resources that would take

That would be incredible. If they could also change the way you input special characters like é, ö, and ñ to the way it works in Word, only system-wide, then I'll send a singing love-telegram to whoever is responsible.

What's wrong with dead keys, that works system wide?

The fact that, to me, the 'wrong' behaviour is the default. I want to write a quote more often than an apostrophe or umlaut, but if I type "e, it'll turn into ë.
I have to type a space after the " if I actually want a " character, which makes no sense to me.

In Word, if you want to type "e, you can actually just type "e. If you want ë, you have to type Ctrl+" followed by E. It makes more sense to me: the accents are the exception, while quotes and apostrophes are the norm. So if you want the exception, you need a special key combination.

The US International keyboard layout requires a special key combination if you just want the norm (a quote), while it gives you the exception (an umlaut) by default.