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View Thread: Anybody running Vista on Leopard Macbook Pro?
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    Ray6 wrote:
    MS has also relaxed the licensing rules for installing Vista under virtualisation, so it should be much cheaper to get it up and running on your Mac (this was an excellent move on MS's part by the way).

    Yes, I saw this. Definitely the right move for everyone running different platforms but still interested in virtualization.

    Microsoft also aquired a company that specializes in providing 3D capabilities for VM and TS. Everything we thought we knew about graphics over RDP was wrong.

    So expect full, hardware accelerated Direct3D graphics over terminal services and 3D accelerated virtualized video drivers to become mainstream in MS VM products and it's competitors.

    I cannot wait until these technologies appear in *nix TS and VM solutions. It will literally change everything for users of alternative platforms.