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View Thread: Heath Ledger has Died
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    It seems the whole world has an opinion, and feel qualified to pass judgement, on celebrities - even when they don't know them, or don't even know who they are.  

    Even the most basic research pulls up the following facts, so before we all rush to condemn bear in mind the following:

    Fact: no suicide note was found. This is unusual in high-profile cases like this.
    Fact: no non-prescription drugs were found
    Fact: In an interview with New York Times last November Ledger complained his body was exhausted but his mind couldn't turn off. He complained he was averaging just two hours sleep a night.
    Fact: He said that even the strongest sleeping pills were only working for him for an hour.
    Fact: He had been working in London on Saturday and was undoubtedly jet-lagged when he returned to New York

    I'm waiting for the autopsy but in all the tabloid muck-raking that's going on I'm finding it hard to find any facts that justify some of the snide insinuations they're making.