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View Thread: Heath Ledger has Died
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    Filming for the Dark Knight finished... but Heath was in the middle of filming for Terry Gilliam's next picture The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

    Sad for Heath, but Gilliam seems to get all the bad luck, every one of his projects gets screwed up  one way or  another.

    "I am one of the crew members in Vancouver and to say the least we are all stunned and saddened by this event. We (crew) will know the production's fate tomorrow. If they choose to recast they could shoot the Vancouver portion and then move back to London and re-shoot what they need there. It will ultimately come down to dollars and cents I expect. As a Gilliam fan myself I feel for the man. What a kick in the nuts. What a tragedy for the industry - the loss of such a great actor."

    A quote from Terry Gilliam about Heath's performance in 'Doctor Parnassus':

    "In an interview last month, a few days after shooting started on 'Doctor Parnassus,' Gilliam said, 'Heath is extraordinary. He’s just so good, and he’s going to be a film director. He’s watching everything, and he’s going to be a much better director than I will ever be.'"

    The rest of the article is here: