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    Cybermagellan wrote:
    So I don't have HD service (I always thought HD for someone who is supposed to wear glasses and doesn't is rediculous), but I decided to try the Diggnation podcast which is in HD and I love it...

    On my 40in LCD it's's actually making me think about getting a HD-DVD/Blu Ray player....


    hey even my 83 year old mom loves HD, when I first got an HD set for her to watch she thought it was a waste of money.
    that lasted for all of 1 minute till i turned it on Big Smile
    she was blown away by how much better the screen was.

    so HD is very much for all of us....

    now HD-DVD Vs. Blue Disk ... well I am still on the fence
    I will wait a bit longer to buy one.

    it looks like BD will win but I want to see the prces drop and how the market reacts ... 
    and I will buy a new monitor first, my current one is 720 and not a really big one.
    so I'll get a 40 inch 1080 screen and then get a player.... by the time I get to that step I figure prices will have come down and the format thing will be clear / over.