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View Thread: It' Time to To clarify the situation Windows 7
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    Charles wrote:
    jsampsonPC wrote:
    Charles wrote:
    What is the obsession lately with Windows 7? How many of you actually run Vista?


    I run Vista on three machines, and XP on one. I love Vista. My fascination with Windows 7 is, it's Windows 7...why else wouldn't I be fascinated with it?

    That's like asking doctors why they would be fascinated in the next generation of medical instruments and devices Or what your question simply rhetorical?

    Well, no. Obsession is not the same thing as being curious and genuinely very interested. Obsession implies that it's all you think about, you know, obsessively

    Ah, I didn't now you were being literal with "obsession" Smiley I'm not necessarily "obsessed". But yeah, interested and curious Tongue Out Besides, if it keeps people talking about UX, and ideas, then that is cool Smiley