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Bigfoot on Mars?

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    Reportedly after stumbling upon the Spirit rover the creature was heard saying:

    Alien Bigfoot wrote:
    No satellite radio, mp3 player, multi-channel audio, air-conditioning or leather seats? What kind of primitive civilization of mini beings builds a car like this? Who cares if it has satellite navigation!

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    It wasn't as amazing as the zoomed-out view of the mountain-side just behind this figure (I couldn't resist Tongue Out):

    I guess the rednecks are already up there looking for Bigfoot, trying to get that reward!

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    I watched this awful TV programme in which Julie Burchill tried to convince the UK population that she was a chav.

    Went to bed, and dreamed that I was on Mars, watching the Rover having its wheels stolen by a kid in a Burberry spacesuit.

    Wensleydale and Cranberry cheese before bedtime ... gets you everytime ... Sad

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    Dr Herbie

    It's not Bigfoot; I've just asked him and he says he's never been to Mars.

    Saturn yes, Mars no.

    He also says he's tired of the media attention.  Why can't they all leave him alone to live his life his own way.
    His words, not mine.


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    Maybe it's Ray Ozzie. Has anyone seen him lately?

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    Ray6 wrote:
    tried to convince the UK population that she was a chav.

    I know a bit about chavs and really, who wants to be one voluntarily Perplexed

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