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View Thread: What do you want to see in Windows Seven?
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    Cybermagellan wrote:
    I figure for all the complaining I do I might as well give myself a platform for it.

    Since Microsoft really isn't talking about Windows Seven at all...but we're doing plenty of it...I figure maybe we can post what we want to see out of the next version of Windows. In the event someone listens then great, if not at least we gave our voice....

    Worse comes to worse the C9 team deletes this thread.

    My Hope:
    1. Theme Management like Linux has...
    2. "Expose" view like OSX has...
    3. Sandbox/Virtualization (Think VMWare Fusion Unity Mode) for OSX and Linux apps.

    *sticky? Maybe we can contain speculation here...

    • A "Classic mode" that doesn't suck!
    • A default theme designed by the same guys who did Apple's UI. And if you're going to settle on a single colour-scheme make it revolve around a primary colour and not sea-green
    • No gimmicks
    • Sensible pricing
    • A single SKU for home users, not 5
      • Starter
      • Home Basic
      • Home Basic N
      • Home Premium
      • Ultimate