Much like Kerry's misinformation makes me want to vote for Bush even more YOUR TROLL KERRY WAYS make me want to post more anti-Kerry to balance out your Bull$hit.

If Kerry would seem more honest and not such a flip flopper my undecided vote may of went his way but thanks to him and all the moore lies I really don't want him in office.

Just to point out todays results (Monday 2:32PM)

Bush: 181
Kerry: 164

Face it Kerry is going to lose and then be a HUGE crybaby over it. I bet they take weeks to ensure Bush beat him.... and in the END BUSH WINS.


As far as your (war) remarks I think if kerry wins you should get sent over their with all of kerrys miltary cut backs... Then give you a gun that is old and

It's over Kerry is going to lose.