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    NO lie I'm now voting for bush. It could of went either way but since that post (I havent confirmed your date) I feel better and better about my going with Bush.

    I'm not like Kerry flip flopping my answers.... I was leaning towards bush and then decided in a clear undoubting "Kerry way" went with Bush.

    I'm totaly sick of all the Kerry flip flopping and Moores edited quotes to make money off Bush. I almost (only almost) wish Kerry would Win just to shut Moore up and kill his cash cow (war with bush). 

    Kerry helped make my vote for Bush solid.....

    You said "Bush is toast"... Thats not what the polls are saying.

    I guess you have been spending too much time watching 9/11 in an effort to try to convince yourself.

    fyi.... your not convincing anyone else and Kerrys efforts are not working and thats as clear as the polls.

    Its over and Bush will win...