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    that's great it's online

    Without starting a new thread - i wanted to ask about the new Osama threat

    i have yet to see the whole thing ( cnn plays 4 sound bites ) although i admit to not searching web yet

    I know youll all think im nuts - but this timing just cant be coincidental.. as well as the message hes bringing..  " hey im nice osama - lets not fight - im your buddy if you leave me alone"

    So "pretending" that hes actually "in" with bush - and the repub's actually timed this release ( dont forget the powert of BIG OIL)
    that made it seem like if you vote for kerry - he may end up "easing up" - plus bush is the "war president"

    I no! consiparacy nut - but i think sept 11 was as corupt as the last election

    ps - casinos have bush winner 4 to 1   (sigh)